Video games that people totally judge you for playing

Most gamers have impressive libraries full of huge hits, but hidden among those games just might be a few embarrassing titles. They can't all be critical successes like The Last of Us and innovative experiences like Portal, right? In fact, quite a few games would almost force your friends to roast you for owning them. Buckle up and let the cringe begin.

Hatoful Boyfriend

So. You attempt to romance birds in the dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend. BIRDS. It's shameful enough that you're playing a dating sim, but the embarrassment level gets further raised because you're trying to date actual, feathered birds. Even if you buy and play it as a gag, you're still going to be on the receiving end of plenty of bird-themed jokes if your friends catch you playing this fowl game. And yes, that was an example of one of the terrible puns you might hear while playing this embarrassment.

Muscle March

In Muscle March for the Wii, you have to get back your friend's protein powder, which was stolen by a thief with very specific wants. You, as a musclebound bodybuilder, must run after this powder thief and fit through holes in walls while assuming different bodybuilding poses. This game is populated by just the strangest collection of buff men, women, and even a Norwegian polar bear, so it's absolutely insane to see them all running after the thief while flexing their muscles and taking us all to the gun show. Muscle March is just so trippy and full of muscles, that your friends will shoot you looks of disapproval for the rest of your life.

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is a mobile game that kind of plays with the conceit that it's a real messaging app. In this game, you'll be able to flirt with pretty anime boys through the app while engaging in a story filled with mystery and romance. So, just from that description, we really don't have to go further and tell you why this game might cause others to poke fun at you. We're sure you'll just be told to get Tinder or some other dating app that lets you interact with real boys. But hey, we won't judge you if the boys in Mystic Messenger are real to you.


What's the weirdest thing you've done in real life? Was it sensually eat a popsicle? Probably, but one man got even weirder than you: he made an entire video game about the activity.

Succulent was apparently inspired by its creator watching a weird scene of a guy putting food in his mouth. So that answers why the game was made, but not the why? The entire video game features a scantily clad man, his mouth open, as you feed him a popsicle. In the background, two dudes (clones of him, maybe?) dance while he eats the popsicle. As the game goes on, the popsicle gets smaller and the game starts tripping out, with even weirder music and even weirder visuals. Was the popsicle laced with LSD?

Worse yet, once you feed him the popsicle … the game loops all over again and begins anew. This is the disturbing popsicle treat that doesn't end. Yes it goes on and on, my friend.

Kan Colle

Kan Colle, or Kantai Collection, is one of the weirdest video games ever made. Let's think back to history: what would be the most interesting time to make a video game about? Well, the answer is obvious — World War II. But in Kan Colle, you play on the side of the Axis … as warships … represented as young anime girls. We'll give you a few seconds to re-read that last part of the sentence over. Don't worry if your head explodes — it's normal.

Yep — in Kan Colle, a tactical game, you play as the warships that were used by the Japanese in World War II, as represented by cute anime girls who fight each other while wearing bits of the boats on their bodies.. Can you imagine attempting to explain this to someone? "Oh, yeah, I'm playing as a moaning fifteen-year-old girl whose skirt is so short you can always see up it. But don't worry, she's actually a warship from WWII … fighting for the side behind Pearl Harbor. You … see the giant gun sticking out of her butt, right?"

Was this game designed specifically to shame its players into submission? All we know is that it's the most Japanese game imaginable. Oh, and it's so popular, it even has an anime adaptation because playing girls-as-ships isn't enough to make Grandma look down on you — now you gotta watch them too!

Imagine Babyz 3D

The Imagine Babyz franchise has been going strong for years now, with Ubisoft pumping out a title every now and then for fans to enjoy. With Imagine Babyz 3D, you can witness all of the childcare fun in stereoscopic 3D. You play a babysitter who takes care of many rugrats, watching them grow up in eye-popping 3D. There's even a facial recognition feature that sort of creeps us out, but we suppose it's a cool way to play "peek-a-boo" with the little ankle-biters.

We apologize if it's your dream to travel around the world and create a babysitting business empire, but most folk won't be able to bite their tongues if they see you playing this game. It'll probably be especially worse if they see you playing peek-a-boo with your 3DS.


For awhile, there was a big trend of games that were little more than corporate advertisements. We're not talking about having some small product placement in the background — these games were based entirely around product placement. The thing our corporate overlords wanted you to buy became the meat of the game. Of all of these games, perhaps the most noteworthy, and weirdest, is Pepsiman.

The entire game is as simple as can be. You, as Pepsiman — a man whose only super-power is running really fast and belching super-loud (presumably) — have to go around, delivering Pepsi to thirsty people. Your character runs straight forward, without stopping, and you guide him around all of the obstacles as he runs, ever onwards, to the thirsty people. The game apparently requires some dedication and precision, which is just the weirdest sentence to write about a video game where you're literally just a human representation of the Pepsi corporation.

All in all, the biggest tragedy about this game is that Pepsiman doesn't fight his arch-nemesis, Captain Coke, at the end. It'd still be a ridiculous, shameful, soulless game even if he did, but at least then it might make some competitive sense.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward

Maybe you have your sights set on the fashion world instead? Welcome to Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, where you can run a boutique, give people makeovers, design clothes, and just so much more. We're pretty sure your experiences won't be anything as wild or as crazy as Derek Zoolander's, but we're also sure that you'll get a lot of strange looks when you play this in public.

The game is pretty much a glorified dress-up game, but we won't fault you if that's what you're into. If you want to make your runway dreams come true, and can fashion enough real-life armor to not let the laughter of others get to you, then Style Savvy: Fashion Forward is the game for you.

Power Shovel

This is one of the strangest games we've ever seen, and we're a little sad that more people haven't experienced it. This is Power Shovel, a PlayStation game released in the early Aughts that had you operating a large machine, called a power shovel, to perform tasks. These tasks could range from traversing mazes to using the shovel to swing at giant beach balls and … cook delicious food.

It makes absolutely no sense, but it's kind of glorious. As cool as it is, you can bet that you'll get weird looks from anyone who sees you playing it. Hell, you'll be giving the screen the same look as you use the shovel to ladle curry onto beds of rice.


If you lived through the Dreamcast era, then you're probably aware of the pet simulator called Seaman. This game let you speak to an amphibious creature with the face of a man, who would often reply with strange trivia, or insult you by calling you a "skin puppet." The Seamen are kind of grotesque, so any onlookers would probably gag at the sight of your virtual pet. Actually, you might.

What might be the most embarrassing part about playing Seaman is that it's kind of boring, and even makes fun of you for playing multiple sessions in a day. So, if you have no one else to make fun of you for playing it, at least you've got the game to ridicule you.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

Do you want your friends to make fun of you and call you a pervert for the rest of your life? Then pick up a copy of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2! In this game, you play as the ladies from the Dead or Alive fighting game series, seemingly on vacation and taking a break from all of the bloodshed. Instead of duking it out in the ring, the girls bounce around a beach resort playing all kinds of games in skimpy bikinis. This is the series that perfected "boob physics," so the beach volleyball games are best played without an audience. And don't get us started on the fact that you can play dress-up with all of the girls. Yeesh.

Any of the Just Dance games

The Just Dance games are fine for parties, but if you've ever watched anyone playing it, you know that it's also perfect for making embarrassing YouTube videos. Even if you're having fun busting a move, chances are high that you're going to look pretty lame waving around a WiiMote and trying to keep up with the more talented dancers on the screen. If you're over the age of 21, the only real excuse you have for playing a game like this is that you like to drink alone.

Lollipop Chainsaw

In Lollipop Chainsaw, teen cheerleader Juliet Starling (voiced by the amazing Tara Strong), must face undead hordes while armed with a chainsaw. Because it's a collaboration between famed game designer Suda51 and filmmaker James Gunn, you can bet that Lollipop Chainsaw is full of over-the-top weirdness and violence. While most of that can be glossed over, what can't be ignored is the bouncy, kill-happy cheerleader you control. It's no surprise that Juliet's sexuality plays a big part in this game, especially since you can dress her up in a number of "sexy" alternate outfits, and can even win an achievement trophy for panning the camera to look up her skirt. Good luck explaining that particular achievement to your friends, or worse, your parents.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is a hack-and-slash game in which two pairs of rival, zombie-killing sisters have to put their differences aside in order to rid the world of, well, zombies. The graphics engine and gameplay mechanics aren't the best, but at least you get to fill your screen with butt-kicking women that have fetish-friendly character designs. And while you might enjoy spilling gallons and gallons of zombie blood, just make sure no one sees you controlling girls in Japanese schoolgirl uniforms while doing it because, unlike the zombies, the jokes will never die.


The Skylanders series is aimed at younger gamers who want to build up a collection of fun, colorful figurines that can be brought to life in the video game world. If you, as a non-child, own this game, chances are good that you'll be subjected to a lot of ridicule, and probably lose the respect of your peers. But more power to you if you choose to fill your shelves with figurines of dragons, fairies, and anthropomorphic birds, rather than aged whisky or other things that are actually cool.