Bizarre things that never made sense about JFK's assassination

Four American presidents have been assassinated, but only one of their deaths still keeps many of us awake at night. When Lee Harvey Oswald squeezed the trigger on his rifle on November 22, 1963, he changed the Western world forever. Over 50 years later, we're still poring over the details of John F. Kennedy's murder with a passion even the Secret Service probably couldn't muster for the assassinations of McKinley and Garfield.

Yet despite the countless books, articles, and overly paranoid Oliver Stone movies, there's still plenty surrounding JFK's death that doesn't make sense — meaning it's crazier than a sackful of meth-addicted cats. We're not saying any of the following proves the CIA colluded with aliens and Elvis to assassinate the 35th president. But we are saying these facts are bizarre enough to make us wonder if what happened in Dallas that day will ever make sense.