Leon Wilczek

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Queen's University Belfast
Music, Literature, Eco-Sustainability,
  • Leon Wilzcek's passions and pursuits include music composition, art history, and post-modern literature. This helps him greatly when producing articles for Grunge.com.
  • A freelance writer and researcher who has spent the past several years working in Berlin's start-up scenes, he has written about technology, food, travel, eco-sustainability, odds, gaming, and a host of other topics.
  • He has always had a burning desire to put pen to paper, and he hopes to publish a novel of his own someday.


After receiving his music degree from Queen's University in Belfast and penning articles for several of the city's independent music magazines, Leon relocated to Berlin to improve his writing skills while working for a variety of start-ups. He has been working as a copywriter for several years now, primarily for gaming, eco-sustainability, cuisine, and travel magazines. He spends his free time as an avid reader of history books and is especially interested in the unexpected turns of chance and circumstance that have occurred throughout the ages.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Musicology under his belt, Leon is well-versed in the use of literary analysis in the study of traditional, modern, indigenous, and experimental music genres. This experience has also given him a deeper understanding of art history, philosophical movements, and their ever-evolving relationships to fine art.
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