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Close up of serial killer Theodore Bundy
A Chilling Theory On Ted Bundy’s Motive For Murder
Over the past few years, true crime gurus have refocused their sights on Ted Bundy and the 20 (or more) women he killed over the course of four years, and they have some theories.
Every one of Bundy’s victims had a slim build, long dark hair, and Caucasian ethnicity. His ex-girlfriend, Diane Edwards, bore similar traits.
Bundy admittedly felt inferior to Edwards’ aristocratic upbringing and didn’t view himself as her equal. After she left him, those insecurities morphed into bitter resentment.
Some experts theorize that Bundy’s patterns were a gesture of vendetta against Edwards. Psychologists and true crime enthusiasts often refer to it while pondering his motives.
There is no justifying his atrocities, however, the dynamics at the core of their relationship and subsequent breakup may have contributed to his murderous deeds.
Other theories suggest his upbringing left him confused and feeling misplaced, as he grew up believing his grandparents were his parents and his mom was his biological sister.
In addition to being viciously bullied for a childhood speech impediment, Bundy indulged in an addiction to violent pornography as a young man, which also may have played a role.