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Actors Who Ruined Their Career In A Matter Of Seconds
By Grunge Staff
History - Science
Oscar-nominated actor Randy Quaid became infamous after getting arrested, along with his wife, for not paying expensive hotel bills and squatting. Things took a bizarre turn when the duo blamed the arrests on the "Hollywood Star Wackers," a secret organization that allegedly targets high-profile celebrities — and also, apparently, Randy Quaid.
Grey is best known for playing Baby in "Dirty Dancing" and has done guest appearances on shows like "Grey's Anatomy," and "House." Grey was known for her nose, but her career took an unfavorable turn when she got a “nose job from hell” (her words), because it made her unrecognizable.
In the ‘90s, Wesley Snipes was a big star — until he stopped paying his taxes to the point where he had to be arrested. Snipes was found guilty of tax evasion and got three years in the slammer, along with having to pay $17 million in taxes and penalties, which inevitably put a stop to his career.
With her role as Nucky's girlfriend in "Boardwalk Empire," Paz de la Huerta was about to become a sensation, but her erratic behavior — including assaulting a reality star and allegedly showing up to set drugged — got her fired from the show. However, in 2018, it was revealed that she had sued Harvey Weinstein for assault, which may shed some light on what actually happened to her career.
When Michael Richards of "Seinfeld" found himself dealing with a heckler during a live show in 2006, he responded to the man's criticism with a series of racial slurs, demanding that the African-American customer be thrown out of the club. A video of the incident soon found its way online, and Richards’ career has since been limited to the occasional token TV appearance.