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Lauren Bacall looking to the side
Details About Lauren Bacall’s Famous Romances
Lauren Bacall’s romance with Humphrey Bogart is a huge part of her legacy, as well as her other notable romances after his death with Frank Sinatra and Jason Robards Jr.
Bacall and Bogart met when he was 44 and she was 19 on the set of "Passage to Marseille" in 1943. They were soon cast in "To Have and Have Not" and fell in love during filming.
Their early romance was bumpy. Bogart was still in a disastrous marriage to Mayo Methot, and director Howard Hawks, who was Bacall’s mentor, disapproved of the relationship.
The stars remained smitten with one another, and after Bogart’s divorce from Methot, they wed on May 21, 1945. They had two children and stayed together until Bogart’s death.
Frank Sinatra, Bogart’s friend, was a frequent caller when Bogart was dying of cancer. For Bacall, tasked with nursing her older and ailing husband, Sinatra’s visits were welcome.
An affair between Sinatra and Bacall may have begun then, before Bogart passed, but Bacall said it came after. Sinatra broke off their engagement after it leaked to the press.
Bacall and Jason Robards Jr. were married for eight years. They had one child together before Bacall ended it, in part over one trait Robards Jr. shared with Bogart — alcoholism.