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Matthew Perry
Details About Matthew Perry’s Relationship With Matt LeBlanc
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Like their "Friends" characters, Matt LeBlanc and the late Matthew Perry were close, and even separate careers couldn’t break these two actors’ bond with one another.
On the 2016 Summer TCA press tour, LeBlanc described the relationship as a "shorthand" with which the two men could always understand each other.
Hello reported that LeBlanc shared, "I can not see him for five years and then get in a room together and still have that shorthand with each other. It’s amazing, really."
After the show concluded, Perry, LeBlanc, and the other cast members still supported one another. LeBlanc even attended Perry’s "The End of Longing," the actor’s playwriting debut.
Even while "Friends" was ongoing, Perry struggled with addiction. He shared in his book "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir" how LeBlanc helped him out.
Perry shared, "The addiction ravaged me — one time, in a scene in the coffeehouse when I’m dressed in a suit, I fell asleep right there on the couch."
He continued, "Disaster was averted only when Matt LeBlanc nudged me awake right before my line; no one noticed, but I knew how close I’d come."