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Harvey Weinstein walking beside a cop using a walker
Harvey Weinstein's Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein Was Disturbing
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Sex offenders Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein were friends who appeared to use their connections and status to help each other commit crimes — at least, for a time.
In 2003, Weinstein and Epstein tried to branch into media and were part of a group of investors that was looking to purchase New York Magazine but was ultimately outbid.
Later, in 2006, the pair was photographed at a royal party thrown by Prince Andrew. It was taken amid an arrest warrant for Epstein in Florida for unlawful sex with a minor.
The same year, Weinstein was accused of forcing Mimi Haley, a former production worker, to perform oral sex on him. He was found guilty and was put behind bars.
According to the Daily Beast, Epstein introduced young women to Weinstein and used their connection to impress young women, making the relationship mutually beneficial.
Speaking with the outlet, New York publicist R. Couri Hay said "It wouldn't surprise me if Weinstein and Epstein felt a kinship through their immoral character traits."
In his book "Relentless Pursuit," Bradley Edwards, one of the lawyers who helped jail Epstein, described a disturbing story about Weinstein and Epstein's reported sexual abuse.
He noted that Jean-Luc Brunel, an Epstein associate, reportedly described a scene where Weinstein was receiving a massage from one of Epstein's "girls."
When Weinstein attempted to make the massage sexual, she rejected his advances, and he verbally abused her as a result. Epstein found this to be disrespectful.
Epstein allegedly kicked Weinstein out of the house, "delivering the message that he was never to come back." That was apparently the end of their relationship.