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Buster Murdaugh standing with his arms crossed
Here’s What Buster Murdaugh Has Been Up To Since His Father Was Sent To Prison
In the months since the 2023 double murder conviction of his father Alex Murdaugh, Buster Murdaugh has been laying low and living at his girlfriend’s house in South Carolina.
Buster went to law school to follow in his family’s footsteps. Despite his father paying $60,000 to gain his reentry after he was caught plagiarizing, Buster is taking a break.
In September 2022, Buster’s lawyer Butch Bowers shared with The Post and Courier, "He has put [...] law school on hold [...] No plan for [...] school in the fall or in the spring."
The State said Buster wasn’t enrolled in law school in September 2023. Buster also spoke about his father’s trial for the upcoming documentary, "Fall of the House of Murdaugh."
Buster believes his father didn’t head to the family kennels on the night of his family murders — which is where the murders occurred — specifically to kill his mother and brother.
This suggests that Buster believes his mother and brother got caught in a larger, convoluted plot. He has been doing a bit of thinking and soul-searching since his father's trial.