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Statue of Abraham Lincoln
Here's What Happened To Abraham Lincoln's Kids
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Robert Todd Lincoln
Robert was the only Lincoln child to live until adulthood. Born in 1843, he did not have a happy life and maintained a distant relationship with his father.
Despite this, he followed him into politics, acting as secretary of war to Garfield and minister to Britain for Benjamin Harrison. He died in 1926 at the age of 82.
Edward Barker Lincoln
Born in 1846, Edward, better known as Eddy, became seriously ill at the end of 1849. He died on February 1, 1850, of tuberculosis when he was three years old.
William Wallace Lincoln
William was born in 1850 in Springfield, Illinois. He took after his father more than his brothers in temperament and personality, which Lincoln recognized.
Studious, religious, well-mannered, and kind, William died in February of 1862 after a short bout of typhoid fever. Lincoln never fully recovered from his death.
Thomas Lincoln
Born in 1853, Thomas was nicknamed "Tad" by his father for his squirmy, tadpole-like nature as a baby. Tad was a rambunctious and mischievous child.
It's been speculated that Lincoln was so lax in disciplining Tad because he had a speech impediment, caused by a cleft palate, and possible language and developmental disorders.
Tad was the only of Lincoln's children besides Robert to outlive their father. He died in 1871 at 18 years old from tuberculosis after a trip to Europe with his mother.