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Teri Copley looking up
Here’s What Happened To Actress And Model Teri Copley
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For nearly a decade, Teri Copley had been working her way up the Hollywood ladder as an actress. However, while filming a movie in 1990, her life changed forever.
Copley felt a presence touch and wake her, then she was moved to pray. "Lord, you’ve given me this life and I’ve made a mess of it. Please let me serve you," she said on her knees.
Copley converted to Christianity and rejected roles inconsistent with her Christian beliefs. She began attending gospel fellowship Church on the Way and launched Sonset Ministries.
In 2003, she wrote "Conversations Between a Girl and Her God," about her spiritual journey. In 2018, she was in a series of videos called "Behind the Veil," in which she preaches.
The 62-year-old also returned to acting, appearing in the 2014 film "Redeemed" and in the "Enforcer" TV series. She’s written and starred in several plays rooted in Christianity.