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Here’s What Happened To Bob Marley’s Wife
History - Music
Singer Rita Marley was a true match for reggae legend Bob Marley. Known for surviving a complicated marriage with Bob and a gunshot wound to the head, her life has been amazing.
When Bob died in 1981, energetic Rita didn't wither away as a widow. She's gone on to become wealthy and reach new heights in her music career and philanthropic pursuits.
While Bob Marley was alive, Rita formed part of the I-Threes, a three-woman reggae group that provided backing vocals for Bob. After his death, she became a successful solo artist.
Her most respected album, "We Must Carry On" was nominated for a Grammy. The Rita Marley Foundation describes her musical output as a mix of jazz, blues, soul, R&B, and soca.
Rita's music affirms her commitment to spreading positive messages through song, like Bob. She has also helped her children see success with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.
Following Bob Marley’s death, Rita was able to turn $250,000 from the singer’s estate into a business worth over $20 million a year that includes a Bob Marley museum.
Rita's greatest legacy has been her global philanthropy, which includes the adoption of 35 Ethiopian children and award-winning charity work in Ghana.
Rita created the Rita Marley Foundation to "alleviate poverty and champion female empowerment in Jamaica and Ghana," which launched $4,000,000 in scholarships for women in 2023.