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Cary Grant circa 1933
Here's Who Inherited Cary Grant's Money After He Died
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Cary Grant retired from Hollywood to concentrate on raising his daughter Jennifer. The Los Angeles Times reported she received half of his estate when he passed at 82 in 1986.
It was held in trust until her 30th birthday when half the principal was distributed. Jennifer received the full extent of her inheritance at age 35.
The other half of the estate was left to his fifth wife, Barbara Harris, who also inherited his Beverly Hills home. Many of his other properties went to other Hollywood elites.
Some lump sums of cash were left to various charities and organizations, and gifts of money or personal effects were left to business associates, Grant's third wife, and friends.
Grant's personal Beverly Hills estate — his final home — eventually passed to his daughter Jennifer, who was still living there as of 2022.