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Macaulay Culkin looking silly in bunny ears
HOw many times has macaulay culkin been arrested?
Since the blockbuster hits of his early years, actor Macaulay Culkin’s life hasn’t been so glamorous. In 2004, at 24 years old, he was caught red-handed by the police.
On "Larry King Live" in 2004, Culkin said his use of drugs and alcohol was exaggerated and not problematic. However, he soon proved the contrary.
A few months later, CNN reported that police caught Culkin in a car with marijuana, Xanax, and clonazepam — a pill for anxiety and seizures — but he didn’t have prescriptions.
However, Culkin was only a passenger. Police pulled over the driver, Brett Tabisel, for speeding, improper lane changes, and marijuana, but everything else was found upon a search.
Culkin was put in jail with a $4000 bail, which he paid upon being taken into custody. Not long after, he left Oklahoma (where the arrest occurred), according to People.