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Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney performing on stage
Inside Dave Grohl And Paul McCartney’s Epic Friendship
Love At First Sight
In his autobiography, Dave Grohl recalled a 2002 party when he "noticed Paul McCartney out of the corner of my eye [...] and I couldn’t help but stare."
Actually meeting McCartney came soon after, and Grohl said he was starstruck. That was the beginning of a long-running friendship, occasional partnership, and sweet story.
Meet Your Heroes
Grohl said that when he was growing up, The Beatles served as his music teacher, as he studied songbooks and dissected tunes to learn how everything came together.
It makes sense, then, that Grohl said he’d relive meeting McCartney for the first time in his last moments on earth, crediting McCartney with inspiring his musical interests.
Full Circle
When McCartney sat at the piano in Grohl’s house and played "Lady Madonna," Grohl’s daughter Harper got a cup and put some change in it for McCartney, amusing Grohl.
The next morning, Grohl found Harper and McCartney playing a song they wrote together. He described it on The Graham Norton Show as "the most full-circle, crazy moment of my life."
Taylor Swift
When McCartney asked Grohl to play a song at a party, Grohl realized there was only a piano, which he can’t play, and left-handed guitars, which he also can’t play.
Luckily, Taylor Swift was there and spared Grohl the embarrassment, stepping in to play instead. Grohl described her to Rolling Stone as being "like Batman when you need him."
A Very Shy Dave
Grohl shyly suggested it’d be cool if they, along with Nirvana’s Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic, got together in the studio during McCartney’s visit to Los Angeles.
McCartney said yes, and Grohl later revealed that the song "Cut Me Some Slack" came out of that jam session. He described the session as recapturing some old-school Nirvana magic.