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John F. Kennedy's motorcade
The Mystery Surrounding The Babushka Lady From JFK's Assassination
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Even those not versed in JFK conspiratorial lore may have seen photos of a peculiar onlooker in the crowd, commonly referred to as Babushka Lady, when JFK was shot.
In the photo, this mysterious bystander just stands there, impassive, and doesn't react at all. Some say she was a spy, while others say she was a government agent.
YouTube's "Life's Biggest Questions" breaks this theory down. The front image shows a middle-aged woman in sunglasses, a trench coat, and a babushka.
She shows up in photos around Dealey Plaza, where JFK was assassinated, and some photos indicate that she may have been recording JFK's motorcade when Lee Harvey Oswald took aim.
When police questioned the public, several women came forward claiming to be the Babushka Lady, but none could be corroborated. No other facts have been available for 60 years.
In 1970, Beverly Oliver stepped forward and claimed to be the elusive woman, revealing all to the public in her book, "Nightmare in Dallas: The 'Babushka Lady.'"
Oliver claimed that she was friends with Jack Ruby, the guy who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, and even met Oswald himself. She said she was 17 when JFK was assassinated.
Suffice it to say, Oliver's been long debunked by now. The camera that she claims she was using at the time to record events, a Yashica Super 8, wasn't even invented at the time.
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