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Weathermen Who Lost It
History - Science
Jamie Simpson, an assertive FOX 45 weatherman, flipped out at the selfishness of “The Bachelorette” fans for expressing annoyance after his news broadcast about an approaching tornado in Dayton, Ohio cut into an airing of the show. Simpson stated that his entire job was "to keep people safe," and even went so far as to call the fans "pathetic."
Global News meteorologist Kristi Gordon freaked out — and briefly ran off camera — on live television in 2013, when a giant spider was projected right over her head. Although she was clearly a good sport about the eight-legged invader, it took her a good moment to shake off the heebie-jeebies, even when it was pointed out that the spider wasn't in the same room as her.
In 2017, Fox 2 weather reporter Derek Kevra got so infuriated by people not properly cleaning the snow off their cars after a storm that he filmed an entire sequence explaining the correct way to do so. The whole sequence is every bit as passive-aggressive as it sounds and paints a magnificent portrait of what happens when you push a weatherman too far.
In 2015, Weather Channel meteorologist James Cantore got so psyched about a lightning bolt striking during a thunderstorm that he danced through the snow drifts while screaming, "Oh yes! Yes, yes! We got it baby!" Cantore apparently has a passion for "thunder snow" — the spectacular effects that happen when Thor and the X-Men heroine Storm test their powers against each other.
Back in 2010, weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker got caught in a rather awkward snafu when the cameras switched over a second too fast, revealing him brandishing a prominent middle finger. While most viewers probably loved this moment, not everyone was so delighted, and a spokesman for the BBC quickly issued an apology for the matter.