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Yasmine Bleeth during a photo shoot
Whatever Happened To '90s Star Yasmine Bleeth?
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In the ’90s, iconic "Baywatch" bombshell Yasmine Bleeth won over countless fans before seemingly vanishing from public view for a long time.
According to CoventryLive, Bleeth was blacklisted for her substance abuse issue and has done little in the industry since. Her cocaine use led to her getting fired from "Baywatch."
Bleeth wrote a tell-all article for Glamour magazine, confessing that her addiction was so bad that nosebleeds and bouts of frequent sniffling made her cocaine use very obvious.
"Baywatch" co-creator Douglas Schwartz told Esquire they fired Bleeth due to the issues her drug use was causing, saying, "It was too difficult to deal with her after a while."
Bleeth’s drug use led to her falling ill and collapsing at a photo shoot for Glamour in 2000. She started rehab afterward but wouldn’t fully quit until a traumatic accident.
In 2001, she crashed her car while high and wound up in police custody. According to the Newstimes, she pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and driving while impaired.
She was fined, got 100 hours of community service, and got two years probation. Fortunately, Bleeth has remained drug-free since that fateful accident.
Since writing her 2000 Glamour article, Bleeth has, for the most part, given up her career in show business and remains out of the limelight.