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(Original Caption) Close up of Theodore Bundy, convicted Florida murderer, charged with other killings.
Whatever Happened To Ted Bundy Survivor Carol DaRonch
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The Narrow Escape
The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy tried tricking and kidnapping 19-year-old Carol DaRonch by posing as a police detective. Armed with a crowbar and a handgun, Bundy attempted to subdue DaRonch in his car. Bundy pursued her and tried to beat her into submission when she leaped from the vehicle, but an approaching vehicle helped complete DaRonch's escape.
She Testified
DaRonch was able to give an accurate description of her attacker and his vehicle, which helped the authorities with Bundy’s arrest the following year. She has testified against Bundy on several occasions, including at his pre-sentencing hearing in Florida in 1979. “I will go and help them get a murder conviction and have him put away,” DaRonch had said.
The Life After
Nineteen at the time of Bundy's attack, DaRonch insisted that her life went on afterward and wasn't impeded by the assault. "I was able to detach myself from an event that could have ruined my life. It may not be a reasonable solution for everyone, but it is how I have been able to move on," DaRonch confessed.
The Ted Bundy Tapes
DaRonch eventually graduated with a degree in business management, began a long career in telecommunications, got married, and had children. Although she does like her privacy, she knew she had an important story to tell, which in turn prompted her, with a little encouragement from her adult son, Levi, to appear in "The Ted Bundy Tapes.”
Facebook Page
After her appearance in "The Ted Bundy Tapes,” DaRonch was reached out to by numerous strangers online, leading her to start a Facebook page largely dedicated to other less fortunate victims of Bundy. Daronch later revealed that there is one facet of Bundy's life that she still struggles to talk about, saying, "It is still hard for me to talk about his victims and their families."