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Queen Elizabeth II of England
Where Will Queen Elizabeth II Be Buried?
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Having reigned for 70 years since her coronation on June 2, 1952, Queen Elizabeth has officially become the longest-reigning British monarch. Her death is not something many have wanted to think about, but the British government has long had a plan for what would happen when she passes away.
Britain’s plan for the passing of Queen Elizabeth was called Operation London Bridge, and detailed procedures for up to 10 days following her death. This included proclamations of her death, the proclamation of the new sovereign, processions, and the funeral rites; according to historian Nicoletta Gullace, "Events will unfold with clockwork precision of a military operation."
After a state funeral at Westminster Abbey on the 10th day after her death, Queen Elizabeth’s remains will be brought to her final resting place in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle. Her coffin will be placed beside those of her mother, father, and sister Princess Margaret, and her husband Prince Philip’s coffin will be moved to be alongside hers.