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Pianist Liberace smiling on the piano
Who Inherited Liberace's Money After He Died?
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When American pianist Liberace died in 1987, the bulk of his estate went to the Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts, which was founded in 1976.
He also left some to his sister, his dogs, his manager, his companion, and his maid. However, an ugly legal battle began when his niece and nephews were left out of the will.
Intriguingly, the mother of his niece and nephews, Isabel, was gifted one of the entertainer's homes located in North Hollywood.
Liberace's three nephews and niece appeared in a Las Vegas court in 1987 to protest being left out of their uncle's will, but ultimately, the case was dismissed.
Liberace generously left his sister a sum of more than $500,000 and gifted his manager $60,000, his maid $5,000, and his cook a car as well as a house.
He also gave his dogs, whom he was famously close to, $50,000. Finally, Liberace left James, his companion, two automobiles as well as $250,000.