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Zak Bagans speaking
Why Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans Won’t Ever Go Back To This Spot
Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans from "Ghost Adventures" says he won’t ever go back to Bobby Mackey's Music Music World in Wilder, Kentucky.
Ghost stories on the site of Bobby Mackey’s Music World go back to the 18th century and the days of slavery. Some say Johanna, a dancing girl from the 1940s, killed herself there.
Other popular supposed hauntings relate to the murder of young Pearl Bryan in 1896, whose head is said to have been thrown into one of the three wells in the building’s basement.
Over the years, Mackey’s has apparently been a popular place for a whole host of unseemly characters, including bikers, mobsters, and Satanists.
The "Ghost Adventures" gang has visited Bobby Mackey's several times, the latest of which was a two-day event. It was after this visit that Bagans felt he'd had enough.
After the event, Bagans told Collider, "That two-day event could have been a real-life horror movie, for all the things that happened to all the people there. It was non-stop."
Bagans says he was possessed at Bobby Mackey’s and required an exorcism. That’s when things happened that will never be shown on camera or told to anyone who wasn’t there.
Describing his Mackey’s experience and exorcism, Bagans told Collider, "That was a defining moment for me. I’m done with Mackey’s. We’re not going there ever again."