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Why Suzanne Somers Once Sued Playboy
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Suzanne Somers appeared nude in Playboy magazine in 1980 and 1984. However, it was only in the latter case that Somers consented to the photos being published.
In 1980, after Somers garnered some fame from playing Chrissy Snow on "Three's Company," Playboy dug up Somers' "test photos" and published them without her consent.
Somers didn’t necessarily object to appearing nude, but she said on UPI that she wanted "100% control" over which photos the magazine published, i.e., "no gynecological shots."
Somers further explained, "I was hurt and furious when Playboy printed the pictures without my consent," adding that she "did a lot of kicking and screaming."
She continued, "Those pictures were taken of me when I was 18. I still had a lot of baby fat. I’d just had a baby and the photographs were supposed to be a test. They were lousy."
Somers preferred better photos to the ones that were published, saying, "Why not have some good ones that show me in the best shape I’ve ever been in after six years on the road?"
Somers sued Playboy magazine and got a settlement of $50,000 that she donated to the non-profit Easter Seals. Her photos were published again in Playboy in 1984 with her approval.