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Why The Origin Of Hagrid's Name In Harry Potter Holds A Deeper Meaning
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Rubeus Hagrid, played by the late actor Robbie Coltrane and based on a biker that J.K. Rowling once knew, remains one of the most popular Harry Potter characters. J.K. Rowling's naming conventions draw from many different sources and languages, and she took particular care in naming the beloved character of Hagrid.
His first name Rubeus is derived from "rubious," which is then derived from "ruber," a Latin word meaning "red." “Ruber” is often used to characterize people having a reddish complexion due to excessive drinking, which is appropriate, as Hagrid was shown to be a fairly heavy drinker.
Additionally, Hagrid is a half-giant, meaning his mother was a giant and his father was a human, making him a "half-blood" or "half-breed." His name itself might point to Hagrid’s mixed-blood heritage, as it has a relation to the Old English word "hægtesse," meaning "hedge-rider," the one who lives a divided life between the familiar and the unfamiliar.
Given that Hagrid is a half-blood, this could mean he's straddling the hedge of his heritage between giant and human parentage. Another meaning for Hagrid's name might come from "hagridden," which means anxious or worried, which would also fit, as Hagrid was constantly worried about Harry and his friends.