This Is Where Dodi Fayed Is Buried

Following his death in the tragic car accident that also killed Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed was initially buried at Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey, England. However, per The Independent, his coffin was later removed from its spot in the cemetery on October 15, 1997. This was a deliberate action undertaken by Fayed's father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, who was surrounded by private security guards while the task was undertaken. The coffin was then transported 25 miles to the Fayed Estate in a different part of Surrey. 

At the time of his death, Dodi was 42 years old. Born in 1955, he was the only child of Mohamed and his first wife Samira Khashoggi. When the crash occurred, Dodi was said to have died instantly at the scene. Per the Seattle Times, he was buried without much fanfare. This could have been due to Princess Diana's death, which garnered huge attention and triggered a long period of mourning by the public. However, according to the BBC, it seems that Dodi's father Mohamed requested a small-scale funeral.

Dodi Fayed's funeral and burial were understated affairs

Despite being from an Egyptian family, Dodi Fayed was buried in Britain at the request of his father Mohamed Al Fayed. As reported by the Seattle Times, Mohamed's spokesperson Michael Cole shared at the time that Mohamed had long held a deep patriotism for Britain despite the fact he was denied British citizenship on two occasions. Prior to being buried, Dodi's funeral was held at London Central Mosque. The ceremony was short, lasting only 25 minutes, and, as mentioned, was a private affair at the request of Mohamed.

Amongst the attendees was Britain's Egyptian ambassador. Though Dodi's grave was later moved, it seems that his initial resting place was not against his father's wishes. Not only did Mohamed choose the particular plot at Brookwood, but, according to his spokesperson, he also visited the grave almost every evening, suggesting that he was pleased with the temporary burial place (via The Independent).

Mohamed Al Fayed built an impressive memorial place for his son

According to The Independent, Mohamed Al Fayed had to request permission from the British Home Office in order to move his son's coffin. At the time, Michael Cole, Mohamed's spokesperson, stated, "The coffin was moved during the evening ... completed in privacy, and the coffin reinterred in a tranquil and beautiful part of the estate." Mohamed Al-Fayed initially buried his son near the main mansion of the Fayed Estate as he awaited permission to build what later became a mausoleum. The billionaire businessman additionally required planning permission for what would be the final resting place for his son, and eventually, himself.

On August 30, 2023, Mohamed died at the age of 94. He was buried near to his son at his estate in an impressive mausoleum that is surrounded by lions and sphinxes for protective measures. Per The Mirror, Mohammed was said to have visited the mausoleum regularly, stating, "I come here every day, perhaps for two or three hours and memories come back to me as I sit."