Who Is Ghost Adventures' Aaron Goodwin?

You would think that the chief draw of any ghost story would be the ghosts themselves. But in fiction, it's often the haunted who have the dramatic throughline. And on reality TV, ghosts are conspicuously absent enough of the time that the hosts and their crews are what keeps the audience entertained. "Ghost Adventures" is well provided on that score, having not one, but four regular presenters. Leading the team is Zak Bagans, but second-billed on the show's opening credits is Aaron Goodwin.

Per Discovery, Goodwin is originally from Oregon and got into film in high school. He would sneak into colleges as a teenager to pick up insights into technique. After moving to Nevada, he became a self-taught editor and cameraman who got by on gigs at red carpet events, sports, and TV (per the Travel Channel). Goodwin met Bagans shortly after moving to Nevada, and they began investigating the paranormal together.

Goodwin wasn't interested in ghosts before meeting Zak Bagans

Aaron Goodwin told Collider that he and Zak Bagans met through Nick Groff, a member of the "Ghost Adventures" team until 2014. By his own admission, Goodwin had no interest in the paranormal before Bagans came into his life. "I had never even thought about ghosts," he said, and his initial role on the team was as a helping hand behind the camera. But the experience of making the initial "Ghost Adventures" project — a documentary — left Goodwin asking himself, "What the heck just happened?"

The film became a series, and Goodwin became part of the on-air talent. According to the actor and producer, certain experiences he's had with the show have left their mark. Notably, a significant part of an episode at the Winchester Mystery House was devoted to how the spiritual forces purportedly affected him (per the Travel Channel). "Since then, I've been more aggressive," Goodwin told Collider. "I'll do whatever it takes to get the evidence." He also named an episode shot at the Hellfire Caves as a turning point for his feelings about the paranormal.

Over the years, Goodwin has become known as "Zak's bait of choice," according to the Los Angeles Times, because he's frequently sent into particularly creepy places on his own. Understandably, as his reactions often provide the show with some levity. All the while, he still runs camera.

He markets his own merchandise on the side

"Ghost Adventures" isn't all that Aaron Goodwin has going for him. His personal website, Aaron Goodwin Collections, sells autographed photos, paintings and decorated objects, and a clothing line named Big Steppin. Fans can get T-shirts, socks, sweats, and even a bikini branded with the silhouette of a man — or a skeleton — taking a giant, lurching step forward. The site also makes mention of "Space Detective," a 2017 independent film for which Goodwin was executive producer and cinematographer.

Goodwin also keeps "Ghost Adventures" fans sated even when the show is off the air. His personal Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel are filled with behind-the-scenes photos and clips from the show, including Goodwin's personal vlogs. His social media isn't entirely given over to his career, however. His YouTube channel includes stop-motion shorts made with a friend, and he shares personal events — like his August 2022 wedding — now and again on Instagram.