The Mysterious Disappearance Of Amy Lynn Bradley

It was a balmy evening on March 23, 1998, when 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley enjoyed a night of dancing on a luxury cruise ship during a family vacation in the Caribbean. A few hours later, she would go missing and spark a mystery that remains unsolved more than 20 years later.

Amy Lynn had been dancing and drinking into the early hours of the night when she finally retired to her room around one o'clock in the morning. Her father would see her sleeping on her balcony a few hours later. According to History Daily, by 7 a.m., she was considered missing and the ship was searched, but she was not found.

Due to her prior experience as a lifeguard, authorities did not believe that she accidentally fell overboard, nor did they think that she committed suicide. Some have suggested that she was murdered on board. Despite the fact that no person managed to see her disembark, the leading theory was that she left the boat.

Amy Lynn's family insisted that she was not the type of person to go anywhere without informing her family and friends of her whereabouts. They claimed that if she left the boat, it was not by her own free will.

A new theory emerged: Could Amy Lynn Bradley have been kidnapped?

Two cruise ship passengers claimed that they saw Amy Lynn in a ship elevator with a member of the crew around 6 a.m., suggesting that she had not been alone before her disappearance. In addition, a taxi driver said that a young woman who looked like Amy Lynn had approached his cab and said she needed a telephone, per NBC News.

The plot began to thicken months afterward when two different people later came forward and said that they had spotted Amy Lynn since her disappearance. A Canadian computer engineer said that he saw her on a Curaçao beach with two men a few months after she went missing. Curaçao was close to where the ship was docked when the then 23-year-old disappeared.

"She looked frightened, like she was about to say something, when one of the guys motioned her away and gave me a menacing look," he claimed, per People.

U.S. Navy petty officer also claimed that he met her in a brothel in Curaçao. He said she asked for help and told him her name. However, he had not heard of her and therefore did not mention it to his superiors until much later.

Even though it has now been more than two decades, the search for Amy Lynn Bradley continues, and her parents remain hopeful that she will one day be found.