Azealia Banks Is Being Investigated By LAPD

Rapper Azealia Banks—once a promising talent who was scooped up by a major label and proceeded to become known for little more than invoking Twitter beefs with everyone from Nicki Minaj to A$AP Rocky to Eminem to Pharrell to Iggy Azalea to Lil Kim—is now the subject of an LAPD investigation. Uh oh. What did the wannabe diva do?

Well, TMZ reports that Banks beat the crap out of a security guard who tried have her removed from the Break Room 86 club in Los Angeles. There's video footage and it shows Banks wailing on the beefy dude.

Here's the rub. Banks was acting up at the club. She was asked to leave and then attempted to pull the fire alarm because that's a great idea. The guard approached her as she was fiddling with the alarm and pretty much posing a safety threat to everyone inside the venue. That's allegedly when Banks and her crew proceeded to jump him. Now Banks is being investigated for criminal battery.

But Banks has a much larger problem on her hands than the law. She has a serious case of being unable to get out of her own way. Her biggest roadblock? To hear her tell it, it's other rappers. It's the man. It's her former manager. It's her ex-collaborators. It's everyone and anyone. But the hurdle she can't clear is herself.

Banks had everything going for her. She was part of a Lady Gaga and Beyonce collabo that never materialized. She had partnerships with MAC and Alexander Wang. But her Twitter trigger finger and her bad attitude spread throughout the business and her career is on life support. She eventually parted ways with Interscope. She trashed some of the biggest and most successful artists out there, many of whom got where they are through hard work. She did nab a Playboy cover and looked stunning. But that still doesn't stop her from getting in her own way.

Banks may have kicked a dude's butt, but the only thing that got a real beat-down was her career, which suffered another blow as she continues to tumble down the path of musical irrelevance.

[Source: TMZ via Pitchfork]