Mystery Science Theater 3000 Returns On Kickstarter

Ladies and gentlemen: we finally have Movie Sign.

Yes, more than 16 years after it went off the air, the cult classic comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 is returning—but only if you want it to, as the relaunch is being crowdfunded.

"With your help," series creator Joel Hodgson explains on the Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter page, "we can create a new season of MST3K, prove there's still an audience, and maybe even convince a network to bring us back for more."

Here's how it works: the initial goal of $2 million is enough to fund three new episodes of the show, but most of that goes to paying for startup costs. So once the production is underway, the show becomes cheaper to make. Stretch goal benchmarks are $3.3 million for six episodes, $4.4 million for nine episodes, and $5.5 million for a full 12-episode season.

Exactly where those episodes will air is still, well, a mystery. But Hodgson hopes that fan support will convince a network to pick up the series, not just for this crowdfunded season, but for future, network-funded seasons.

"Even if you can only spare $5 or $10, every extra backer helps us send a message to the networks: it's time to #BringBackMST3K."

We couldn't agree more.

[Source: Kickstarter]