Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas' Sucky VIP Package Costs $10K

File this one under "What in the Actual Eff?" Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are former Disney stars, they are BFFs, and they are touring together next summer under the "Future Now" banner. That's awesome news for fans of the former Mouse House pair, right? Eh, not so much. The filthy rich duo is offering a VIP package that costs $10,000. Yes, that's the correct amount of zeroes. They want fans to pay ten grand for a package that includes a lot of cool amenities, like hand-signed posters and a meet and greet.

What the package does not include is a concert ticket. For that much scratch, you'd think an entry ticket would come standard. But no. How's that for sticker shock? It's also pretty offensive and a ballsy move on their part. That said, want to see some of the VIP stuff you'd get for the price of an economy car?

You'd have access to a private dressing room for you and three other Lovatics and/or Jonas-a-holics. You'd get your own rider, which is basically all the specific crap you'd want in your dressing room, like navy blue towels or M&Ms with all the green ones removed or no pulp orange juice or vanilla-scented candles. You'd also enjoy a tour of the backstage area and then feast on dinner provided by tour catering. That's not exactly cuisine created by Michelin Star-rated chefs. But perhaps the fact that the talent—that's Demi and Nick, you guys!—will pop by your dressing room and to say "hi" will take the sting off the price.

You will also be permitted to watch the show from the VIP stage lounge. Throw in a laminate, some gear, and you are good to go. It'll set you back a small fortune, but hey! What's life without rock star experiences? Sure, the artists should be ashamed of themselves for these steep price tags. But it's more just dumb than anything else. Their fans are like, 20 years old, tops. They likely work part-time jobs at Hollister. Unless their parents are loaded or they are trust fund kids, no teenager can afford this.

[Source: TMZ]