MMMNope: Hanson's Working On New Music

There's a fine line between a threat and a promise, so it's with no small amount of alarm that I bring you some distressing news: the Hanson brothers say that they're making new music.

Yes, that's right, Hanson, the brotherly trio that set "MMMBop" loose on the world way back in 1997 has declared its return to the airwaves sometime in the near future. According to ET Online, Zac, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson have some new tunes in the works, which they'll unleash on an unsuspecting populace soon.

In response to the question of whether or not they're working on their seventh studio album, Taylor had this to say:

"I'm sure there will be a record in the future. But we're in a phase where we just want people to expect that there's more coming."

Clearly the three of them get off on inciting fear and suspicion. "Expect that there's more coming," says Taylor. Now we'll be in a heightened state of alarm, always afraid to turn on the radio, never sure if Pandora is about to cram new Hanson songs into our tender ear holes.

Take care to note that none of the Hanson brothers made mention of any kind of ransom demands. No amount of money will apparently stop them from releasing new music. It seems like nothing at all will appease the group—they're going forward with this plan regardless of how much money we might be able to raise to get them to stop. It's sick.

But the band seems to be going a step further than merely warning us about the impending release of their unique brand of offensively inoffensive pop music. They may even resort to kidnapping. Taylor continued regarding the band's plot:

"Whether it's a special tour that has an EP [...] we do a destination concert where people travel to Jamaica and spend a week with us there [...] so there will be more music no matter what."

"No matter what." Indeed, Hanson's return is inevitable, unstoppable, and unbelievable. But what's most unbelievable about this news is not the revelation that Hanson is working on its seventh album, but rather that Hanson already has six other albums.

[Source: ET Online]