Alien 5 On Hold; Neill Blomkamp Working On New Movie

That squirming feeling in your heart isn't a xenomorph chestburster, geeks. It's just the feeling you get when Neill Blomkamp announces that Alien 5 is currently on hold. Again. For the billionth time.

Blomkamp, known for sci-fi films like District 9 and Chappie, is now set to helm a not-yet-written adaptation of a not-yet-released sci-fi novel called The Gone World by Thomas Sweterlitsch. It involves time travel and probably some other stuff that no one knows yet, because none of it actually exists. Fans have already erupted in a furor; on one hand, Blomkamp has admitted to hating the process of script-writing, and fans are still wincing from a few movies that they've seen as sub-par science fiction. On the other hand, this just means that there will be even more months until the always-struggling Alien series actually sees some real action again, and it might be without Sigourney Weaver, who has turned down previous scripts and specified that she'd only return to the franchise if Blomkamp was involved.

Xenomorph fans can still look forward to Alien: Paradise Lost, formerly Prometheus 2, as Ridley Scott will again be taking the helm of the franchise after allowing his duties to lapse into a few Alien films so unpopular that some fans refuse to even see them as canon. Scott has said that Paradise Lost will finally reveal the canonical origin of the xenomorphs, even though tracking Alien canon is like trying to create an accurate subway map out of live earthworms. It doesn't make a lot of sense, it's slimy, and there are better things to do. Here's hoping that a nearly-octogenarian director can keep it all straight and make definitive sense of the nonsensical cluster-blank that previous movies have inadvertently formed.

As for The Gone World, we're too far out to know exactly what may happen or even speculate if it'll be any good. Hollywood likes to gobble up every intellectual property before anyone else can get their hands on it and announce that they've done so. It's like making fifty dates on Craigslist and printing out baby announcements for every possible resulting offspring. Just keep it in your pants, Hollywood, and let us know when there's actually something to see.

[Source: Deadline]