LEGO Slippers Save Feet From Worst Pain Imaginable

LEGO bricks are known for only two things: inspiring creativity and causing incredible pain. These two things may seem like they could not possibly coexist in tandem—until you accidentally step on a LEGO and the white-hot plasma of a thousand exploding suns races through every nerve ending in your body. You curse every deity and demon known to mankind, and to a slightly lesser extent, whatever foolish, misbegotten child left the elusive LEGO on the floor in the first place.

Familiar with the fact that LEGO is responsible for the agony of a million feet, LEGO France plans to give away 1,500 pairs of LEGO-proof slippers during the holiday season as part of a Christmas wish list contest. Aside from the bright red and yellow LEGO branding, what sets these slip-on slippers apart from your average pair of casual footwear? Apparently, a little bit of extra padding.

No, these LEGO-branded slippers don't perform any unique tricks that any pair of reliable slippers wouldn't already do; they do not possess LEGO sensors to warn you of approaching bricks, nor do they repel the threatening little caltrops. They're just a little fatter on the bottom than your average slipper, so what's the big deal? Well, in case you weren't aware, LEGO is the ultimate mega-hip toy for cross-generational creativity, so all things LEGO will find an automatic position in any list of hip junk.

LEGO now officially joins the realm of products that acknowledge they have a love/pain relationship with their masochistic audience, a questionable gallery which includes at-home waxing strips, Warheads candy, and cats. Pretty much anything you own and enjoy which can also make you bleed.

Really, though, if LEGO is such a problem that you need to actively protect your extremities from them on a regular basis, set some guidelines for your brats. For every LEGO you step on, they'll have to eat one with breakfast or something. Once that kid goes through invasive surgery to remove the growing, rainbow bezoar of LEGO bricks in their gut, they'll never forget to clean up their damn LEGO bricks again.

[Source: CNET]