Star Wars Cantina Comes To Earth

Brace yourselves, fans of Star Wars and inebriation! When the For the Love of the Force convention hits Manchester, UK in early December, you'll finally be able to experience a little bit of Tatooine on Earth. Well, aside from getting sand in your crack at the beach, because that bears a reasonable comparison to Tatooine as well.

First seen in A New Hope, Chalmun's Cantina at the Mos Eisley spaceport is described as a "hive of scum and villainy," where droids aren't allowed and murder seems to be a pretty normal part of the menu. It's here that Luke and Obi-Wan first hire Han Solo to transport them into dangerous territory, and where Obi-Wan slices off an annoying alien's arm without a second thought, because even the good Jedi are kinda bad news. The Cantina is only slightly better than your average Detroit dive bar, only because the violent barflies in space are a little prettier.

While the replica cantina built for the convention probably won't carry the same death toll, it will offer some kinda-Star Wars related drinks, both alcoholic and sobriety-friendly, including blue Bantha Milk, the repulsive-sounding Wookiee Juice, and something else called Jam Jar Binks, which will probably be off-putting and ruin the entire experience, if it's anything like its namesake. Best of all, you can take your photo with a dead Greedo, which will probably only worry your dear old grandma when she sees it on Instagram.

The Force convention continues to post progress shots of the awesome little space, and if you're not already thinking of remodeling your basement after seeing these, you don't deserve Star Wars. Go watch Star Trek, you traitor. The Force con will also feature The Phantom Menace's version of Bib Fortuna in full makeup (not to be confused with the real Bib Fortuna from Return of the Jedi), some pretty amazing life-sized models of an X-Wing and Jabba the Hutt, a handful of other location recreations, and a thousand reasons to get to the UK as soon as possible. Tickets are mostly sold out, but there are probably a few scruffy-looking smugglers who could get you in for the right price.

[Source: The Drinks Business]