Captain America: Civil War Trailer Drops

Look out, Ken Burns, because there's a new Civil War in town, and this one might do something far worse than divide our nation—it might actually break the internet. Yes, the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War is here. Just try not to wet yourself.

That's going to be a pretty tall order once you get a look at the action, though. Based on the popular Marvel comic of the same name, Civil War picks up where 2014's Captain America: Winter Solider left off, with Cap and the Falcon in search of Cap's old war buddy Bucky Barnes, aka the Soviet Assassin known as the Winter Soldier. When they find him, though, there's just one problem: everyone in the world wants Bucky dead and they aren't so worried about who else might get hurt in the process.

And that brings Cap in conflict with the film's true bad guy: Tony Stark?! That's right, this trailer is chock full of Captain America versus Iron Man action, both in and out of costume, as their conflicting ideologies finally boil over in full-fledged warfare.

If that's not awesome enough, this trailer also boasts a surprisingly high amount of Black Panther. We all knew Black Panther was going to be in Civil War, but I didn't expect there to be quite so much of him front and center in the first trailer. I'm not exactly sure what role Panther is going to play in the story, especially since the footage doesn't show any scenes of Chadwick Boseman out of his Black Panther costume. But whatever he's doing, he looks pretty awesome doing it.

Why, oh why isn't it May 6 already? Here's our first look at Captain America: Civil War:

[Source: YouTube]