Amazon Pulled Nazi Ads From NYC Subways, Because Duh

New Yorkers have a bad enough time commuting to work every day on the subway; you try getting from the Upper East Side to Chelsea without having to take at least two trains.

But things took an especially awkward turn last week when passengers on the 42nd Street subway Shuttle line rode in cars featuring a modified Nazi Reichsadler eagle and a flag that looseley resembled that of Japan's from World War II.

So, what the hell happened? As it turned out, the cars weren't painted by a bunch of crazy Neo-Nazis. They were actually part of a campaign by Amazon to promote its streaming series, The Man in the High Castle, which depicts a world in which the Axis powers won World War II.

Naturally, the residents of New York were outraged by the sudden onset of Nazi imagery, so much so that Mayor Bill DeBlasio had to weigh in on the controversy.

"While these ads technically may be within MTA guidelines, they're irresponsible and offensive to World War II and Holocaust survivors, their families, and countless other New Yorkers," he said in a statement obtained by Gothamist. "Amazon should take them down."

And, whaddyaknow? Amazon listened. The full first season of The Man in the High Castle premiered on November 20. According to Gothamist, the ads were supposed to run on the Shuttle line from November 15 through December 14.

Or, you know, just in time for Hanukkah.

[Source: Gothamist]