Is Dexter Returning? Probably Not.

Two years after the series finale of Showtime's Dexter, things still feel unfinished. It's not only that the last two seasons of the show were sloppy, unbelievable trash, but the show's whole final act left more questions than it tried to answer. Spoilers lie ahead, so proceed with caution if you're a few years behind on Miami's most successful killer of serial killers.

Speculation is running rampant on the return of Dexter after a Thanksgiving tweet from the official Dexter account innocently wished the world a happy holiday, with some overexcited sources saying that the message is anomalous to the account's usual retweets about Showtime sales and stuff from the online Dexter game, though more personal tweets certainly aren't unusual to the account. The account also recently sent out a message about Friday the 13th, and birthday wishes to actress Lauren Vélez, so it's obvious that the detective skills of the spazzed-out sources are lacking.

This hype has been paired with quotes from an older interview with Showtime head David Nevins, indicating that the network would consider continuing or rebooting Dexter if the circumstances were right, the story was worth telling, and most of all, if Michael C. Hall was interested in revisiting the character. Either way, fans would have to be ready for a completely different show, since Nevins isn't interested in just continuing the same old killer-of-killers story. Whether that means simply changing the show's cast of characters or the motivations of Dexter completely is unknown. Hall might just be up for it, too, since he wasn't really that thrilled with the show's weird ending either, as revealed in a Reddit AMA session.

So, is Dexter coming back? Maybe someday, but not a single aspect of the return is in any meaningful stage of planning. But for a show to be so adored, and to end with a finale which has been called one of the worst in television history, is a small travesty, right up there alongside the inconclusive nonsense that was Twin Peaks. For real, Showtime, if Mr. Belvedere and Dinosaurs could scrape together more coherent and poignant series finales, why couldn't you? Sure, even the empty dinosaur costumes had more acting range than Jennifer Carpenter on her best day, but her character is dead now. Maybe you'll do better next time around, Showtime, whenever that may be. But it isn't now.

So relax, murder fans. Don't treat rumors as truths. And above all else, always read beyond the headline.