How An Episode Of MythBusters Saved A Real Person's Life

The Discovery Channel show "MythBusters" certainly tempted fate in the years it was on the air. The show's frequent use of explosives, weapons, chemicals, and simulations of dangerous scenarios held the potential for severe bodily harm or worse. Yet at the same time, these experiments proved educational enough that at least one woman claims that watching them saved her life (via ET). 

In a 2007 episode of the show, host Adam Savage tested the theory that one can only escape from a sinking car once water has entered the interior of the vehicle. For several minutes Savage was left worried as he repeatedly failed to escape at various stages with different implements until the car was full of water, at which point he proceeded to validate the "myth" with a hammer and center punch. The episode was watched by millions of fans around the world, including Minnesota native Theresa Booth.

Booth claims MythBusters saved her and her daughter from drowning

Later that year, Booth was driving with her daughter Emily when she lost control of her car and went careening into a nearby river (via The Daily Star). She initially attempted to escape as soon as the vehicle began to sink, which in fairness was possible, according to the episode. It was only when the water reached the window that the pressure was too great for Savage to open the door. Per CinemaBlend, Booth remained calm as she recalled what she had seen and waited for the water to fill the interior. 

At that point she was able to open the door and escape with Emily held above her. In a later interview Booth insisted that had she not seen the episode, she may have not been able to escape and save herself and her daughter. The correlation between their show and this remarkable feat was not lost on the cast who, in preparation for the end of the series, reflected on this and several other highlights of the show's run. (Their reaction to Booth and her account of the story can be seen on YouTube).