Who Is The Mysterious Clark Kent From The January 6 Hearings?

Something lighthearted emerged from the serious testimony at the House Select Committee hearings involving the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. capitol, when supporters of former President Donald Trump allegedly stormed Congress in an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. It all began when a handsome man showed up in the background of TV footage during which former Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger and former deputy White House press secretary Sarah Matthews gave their testimony. (Matthews is pictured above with the mysterious man seated behind her.)

As Twitter quickly noticed, the handsome man seen in the video bears a striking resemblance to Superman's alter-ego, Clark Kent, both in his looks and in how the man was dressed, according to Newsweek. It was as if Clark Kent himself, a fictional journalist in the "Superman" comics, had emerged from the realm of fantasy to cover the hearings for the Daily Planet, the newspaper where Clark Kent works, as many noted on Twitter. Before long, Clark Kent was trending on the social media platform as users sought to figure out for themselves who the well-dressed man in glasses might be.

Is he single?

As New York Post goes on to note, once viewers noticed the good-looking man in the background of the January 6 hearing footage (the Post used the word "hunky"), speculation ran rampant as to what his relationship status was, and also where his political affiliations might lie. Many Twitter users commented they were just waiting for the man in question to stand up and rip open his shirt to reveal Superman's signature "S" symbol on his chest. He even wore glasses, just like Kent.

As Newsweek notes, one leading theory was that this Kent doppelgänger could be a witness, or in fact be the romantic partner of Sarah Matthews, instead. That notion broke the hearts of many crushy Twitter-users. Even Andy Cohen from Bravo took to Twitter to inquire if the mystery man was single (via The Hill). As the reality of the mysterious man at the January 6 House hearings reveals, he's no superhero. Truth is, though, he still may be the type you wouldn't mind taking home to meet mom.

He's a medical student

According to TMZ, the real name of the handsome man who bears a striking resemblance to Clark Kent from the Superman comics is Alex Wollet, a medical student from Ohio working a fellowship at The National Institutes of Health (NIH). Not much else is known about Wollet, but in the ensuing social media furor over who he might be, Wollet's social media accounts have now been made private, as TMZ also notes.

Though news that Wollet is not from Krypton disappointed many, there still was a chance the man with impeccable sartorial taste could be single. That, too, turns out to be a dead-end, according to New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali, writing on Twitter: "The good looking man sitting behind Pottinger is not single. That's all I will say and that's all you need to know!" Ali did not reveal his sources. Matthews and Pottinger testified on day eight of the House hearings to determine former President Trump's alleged connection to the January 6, 2022 insurrection at the capitol, according to PBS NewsHour.