The Real Reason Doomsday Preppers Stockpile So Much Dog Gear

As has been noted in pop culture since time immemorial, dogs are a necessity when one is roaming the glassy wastes of the post apocalyptic deserts. Will Smith had one. Max Rockatansky had one. A Boy and His Dog seems to be a tale as old as time.

And a lot of folks with their fingers on the pulse of post-mankind society (who tend to collect weirder stuff anyway) will tell you that this has been for good reason. Dogs, while decidedly adorable, have their roots in the world of pragmatism. They've been bred for different jobs pretty much since the first time a caveman nudged his buddy, pointed at a wolf, and said "how long do you think I can hang out with that before it eats me?" Rottweilers were created to herd livestock and pull carts. Mastiffs and bully breeds were designed to take down large predators. Pugs, presumably, are also good at something. For the price of a sack of Alpo, a dog can be a guard, a hunting companion, and a home security system, all while also keeping you what hardcore doomsday preppers call "good and snuggled." They're also handy when keeping your badass underground bunker free of rats and other pests, especially if you're rocking a terrier.

Dogs help us weather the "ruff" times

The survivalist website lists the advantages of a post apocalyptic fur buddy as "defense, companionship, and improved health," citing medical studies which have shown that dog owners tend to live longer. No word on whether or not that science holds up after you've been exposed to massive amounts of radiation.

So keeping a well-trained dog taken care of hovers around the top of the list of potential priorities for the up and coming survivalist. That makes a good supply of pet gear a necessity. Time to stock up on Kibbles and Bits, blood bag.