Tom Meisfjord

Spokane, WA
Comic Books, Science Fiction, Most Muppets
  • Tom is a contributing writer at Looper.
  • He has previously contributed to Grunge, SVG, and Nicki Swift.
  • One time, Tom opened for Creed Bratton from "The Office" and Creed agreed to be his best friend, but he may have just been being polite.


Tom Meisfjord is a comedy writer who has been working at Looper since 2018. He has traveled across the United States performing stand up, and once competed in the Seattle International Comedy Competition, where he was politely received. In 2017, Jason Mewes publicly described him using nouns and adjectives that were equal parts flattering and unrepeatable.


Tom was housetrained at a respectable age and has pretty much been playing things by ear ever since. He once gave something the old college try, owns a college-ruled notebook, and has seen most of "Animal House." Can we please leave this part out?
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