Who Trained Jason David Frank?

Jason David Frank has been known by many names. To some, he is Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, of children's TV fame, wielding a classic dagger/flute combination and commanding the mighty Dragonzord. To more mature viewers, he is the White Ranger, leader of all the Power Rangers, powered by the Light of Goodness and riding into battle with the aid of the Tigerzord. Alternatively, maybe you know him as the celebrated Red Ranger of both Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

That said, it's time to talk about this like adults. Putting aside childish things, Jason David Frank will perhaps be best remembered for his complex turn as the Black Dino Ranger in Power Ranger Dino Thunder, or as Power Rangers Ninja Steel's warden of the Master Morpher, which allowed him to utilize the abilities and armors associated with all of his previous Ranger personas. The point is, Frank has had an illustrious and multi-faceted career, spanning both decades and the entirety of the color spectrum. 

However, who taught the man that mentored and sculpted generations of Rangers?

Who trained him when he was still green?

Zordon helped, and nobody's saying he didn't.

Before that, though, Jason David Frank spent his childhood fascinated by martial arts. Per Rising Sun Karate School, the dojo that Frank helped found, Frank started training at four years old. Training under Shihan Louis D. Casamassa, he received his first black belt when he was twelve years old, and apparently owned the studio where he trained by the time he was 18. Other practitioners that he lists as training partners include "Sensei Chris Casamassa, Kyoshi Rick Herbster, Kyoshi Steve la Valle, Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez, Stan Ward, and (...) world-renowned Muay Thai trainer Grand Master Toddy."

At 21, Jason started developing his own fighting system dubbed Toso Kune Do, or "Way of the Fighting Fist," a mixed martial arts style which he continues to teach to this day ... when he isn't heeding the call to defend time, space, the Command Center, or the traumatized citizens of Angel Grove from monster attacks.