Here's How Much Bret Michaels Is Really Worth

With his eyeliner, stetsons, bandanas and constant reality show appearances, one would be forgiven for thinking that Bret Michaels is just one of those strange people who are famous for being famous. However, connoisseurs of 1980s glam metal are well aware that there's actually a reason the guy gets as much media attention as he does. As his Biography profile reminds us, Michaels is the singer of Poison, one of the biggest bands of the genre. Nothin' But A Good Time, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, you know the drill. 

Glam metal musicians had a wildly varying success rate, but financially, it appears that many of the more familiar names did make bank. The most popular acts like Mötley Crüe are obviously pretty much rolling in tens of millions of dollars per band member, and Celebrity Net Worth tells us that Kip Winger of Winger has $3 million to his name, as does Michael Sweet of Stryper. Stephen Pearcy of Ratt? $10 million. Those are pretty wild figures, but can Michaels keep up with them? Let's see how much Bret Michaels is really worth.

Bret Michaels isn't singing the 'Poor Boy Blues'

Bret Michaels carries the twin pistols of being a for-realsies rock star, yet being articulate and presentable enough to be put on television on a semi-regular basis. His band, Poison, had its share of hits, and while Michaels himself has been known to maintain a solo career with a pretty hectic touring schedule, one might argue that the bulk of his name recognition these days comes from his various reality show appearances. As his IMDb profile reveals, Michaels has enjoyed his own Rock of Love show, as well as stints at Celebrity Apprentice and whatnot. He has also dabbled in acting, and as Andrew Leahey of Rolling Stone reports, he even tried his hand at country music, with a duet with Loretta Lynn and an album called True Grit. 

Does all of this sound like grasping at straws? If so, said straws might as well be made of gold, because according to Celebrity Net WorthMichaels is worth a very respectable $18 million. With money like that, we'd probably be making country albums, too, just to see if we can.