The Fastest Domestic Cat Breed In The World

Cats are many things: pets, rat-catchers, bird murderers, turd buriers, buff memes and the list goes on and on until one day you snap and punch a bear trap because your cat won't shut the fluff up about all the impressive things it is. But you know what else a cat is? Edible to bears, which are not only incredibly strong but fast. No one is suggesting that you feed your feline to a grizzly or anything. Where did you even get that idea?

But let's just say for the sake of argument that your cat will find itself in the position to be eaten by a bear. Like hypothetically and not intentionally because bear feeding is one thing no one should never do to a cat. But if you did, could your cat outrun the bear? How fast would your cat have to be to avoid being eaten by a bear?

The Egyptian Mau is the cat's meow

Obviously, if you own a cheetah, your cat can outrun a grizzly, but that's cheating. This is about domesticated kitties, the kind that more easily fit in a bear's flesh-rending maw. So how fast would one of those have to be? The Best of Yellowstone National Park says a grizzly bear can top 40 miles per hour. Is any house cat that fast? No. So that's a sad ending.

Per the Spruce Pets, the fastest domestic cat on the planet is the Egyptian Mau. It's spotted kind of like a cheetah but it only runs 30 miles per hour. That's nothing to sneeze at but compared to a grizzly, this isn't even a case of "close but no cigar." The cat would just get smoked, and bears probably find smoked meat delicious. Anyway, the Mau is said to be loyal, friendly, and great with children, so maybe you would fight that big old grizzly to protect your precious Egyptian Mau.