The Domestic Cat Breed That's Most Like A Cheetah

If you don't have cats, you might think they exist to stalk and hunt you down while you least expect it. If you do have cats, you know that they exist to stalk and hunt you down while you least expect it. A large part of the feline appeal is the individual streak that leaves even the most assured cat owner ever-so-slightly uncertain whether their beloved pet is coughing up fur balls merely to practice its projectile weapon game, and whether those 3 a.m. freak-outs are simply a secret method to slowly sleep-deprive us to oblivion. It's cats, man. Who can truly know? 

With that in mind, it's good to know just which particular feline superpower your precious kitten will employ when cats will inevitably rise against us. For instance, which cat breed can you never, ever run away from? Which cat breed is most like the cheetah? 

The Egyptian Mau will give you a run for your money

When we're talking about cheetah-like animals, the primary trait is quite obviously speed. While all house cats can run circles around you should the fancy take them, Vet Street, Purina and Healthy Pets all agree there's a clear winner to the "fastest house cat" race: the Egyptian Mau. This particular breed can zoom about at 30 mph, and such strong legs also give it is an ability to casually leap on your shoulder or other similarly high spots (such as, and we're purely spitballing here, your jugular) with the greatest of ease.   

Oh, and while we're talking "cheetah-like," it doesn't exactly hurt that the Egyptian Mau also has a spotted coat that is quite similar to that of a cheetah. So, in hindsight, we probably should have seen this coming.