The Guinness World Record Involving Eggs You Could Probably Beat

One way to pass the time waiting for a historical pandemic to end is to set that Guinness World Record you've been meaning to attempt for years. A number of world records are awarded to people for qualities they can't control, such as the world's tallest man. Still others involve a lot of hard work, like performing the most jumping jacks in one hour; Guinness World Records reports that the number to beat is 3,873, and who wants to do that?

If you're looking for a Guinness World Record that you can easily beat, there are worse ways to spend an afternoon than trying to crack the most eggs with one hand in one minute. That impressive if not slightly messy record is current held by Ross McCurdy of Kingston, Washington, who on June 16, 2011 cracked 32 eggs in one minute using just one hand. See, it's fewer eggs than you thought, right? With a little practice, you could probably give Ross McCurdy some serious competition. 

Ross McCurdy holds TWO egg-cracking world records

As reported in 2011 by the Kitsap Sun, Ross McCurdy is actually a professional when it comes to cracking eggs. He and his wife managed the Oak Table Cafe, a "busy breakfast and lunch restaurant" where "chefs can crack up to 1,000 eggs on a busy weekend for use in omelets, scrambled eggs or pancake batter." He beat the previous record of 19 eggs on his first try. Not content to rest for, well, any amount of time at all, he immediately tried to beat his own record and did manage to crack 38 eggs with one hand in one minute, but failed to set a new record, as some shells fell into the receptacle, which is specifically against Guinness' rules. 

In 2017, the Kitsap Sun broke the story that McCurdy and his daughter Mira were going to appear on celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's television show The F Word to compete against Ramsay and his daughter Tillie in setting a new world record: "the most eggs cracked one-handed in one minute by a team of two." The McCurdys beat the Ramsays on June 18, 2017 and Ross McCurdy now has two egg-centric Guinness World Records — his solo record of 32 eggs and his team-of-two record of 33 eggs, shared with his daughter.