Karen Corday

Florence, MA
Smith College
Simmons College
Pop Culture, History, Science, Crime
  • Karen is a writer for Grunge.
  • She is also a writer for Rare and has appeared in the Washington Post, Tedium, Medium, Paste, Brooklyn Magazine, the Awl, the Toast, and more.
  • She is an excellent researcher as well as writer and is, frankly, hilarious. A Vanity Fair editor once retweeted her story "Sing This Not That: Better Karaoke For One And All," published with The Awl, with the comment "This is good."


Karen has been writing professionally for almost a decade. She is also a content writer for Rare.us and has written for the Washington Post, Tedium, Medium, Paste, Brooklyn Magazine, the Awl, the Toast, and more. She hasn't won any awards, covered any industry events, or written any books, nor does she have another job outside of freelance writing -- yet! She has worked for institutions that are hundreds of years old as well as brand new start-ups in the fields of higher education, biotechnology, publishing, and retail. She co-produced the Boston branch of the popular storytelling stage show Mortified for ten years and appeared in the book Mortified: Love Is A Battlefield and the documentary Mortified Nation. Her formal education consists of degrees in English from Smith College in Northampton, MA and Library and Information Science from Simmons College in Boston, MA, which means her sources are well researched, well vetted, and probably better than average. Fields of expertise include history, rock and roll, R&B, old Hollywood, new Hollywood, true crime, and weird trivia. She's been enjoying writing for Grunge, where she has worked for nearly an entire year at this point with few complaints, at least to her face. Her mission is to continue freelance writing.


Karen has a BA in English and a MSLIS in Library and Information Science which makes her especially good at finding quality sources and writing in-depth stories that go beyond the basics.
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