Karen Corday

Photo of Karen Corday
Florence, MA
Smith College
Simmons College
Pop Culture, History, Science, Crime
  • Karen writes about history, music, movies, books, science, and weird trivia on Grunge and other publications.
  • She has also appeared in the Washington Post, Tedium, Medium, Paste, Brooklyn Magazine, the Awl, the Toast, and more.
  • In addition to writing, she does marketing and research work in a variety of industries.


Karen has been writing professionally for almost a decade. She has worked for institutions that are hundreds of years old as well as brand new start-ups in the fields of higher education, biotechnology, publishing, and retail. She co-produced the Boston branch of the popular storytelling stage show Mortified for ten years and appeared in the book Mortified: Love Is A Battlefield and the documentary Mortified Nation.


Karen has a BA in English and a MSLIS in Library and Information Science which makes her especially good at finding quality sources and writing in-depth stories that go beyond the basics.
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