Tragic Details Found In Ahmaud Arbery's Autopsy Report

On February 23, 2020, 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was out for a jog in Brunswick, Georgia, when two men with a shotgun and pistol reportedly followed him in a pickup truck and gunned him down. He suffered two shotgun wounds to the chest, as the BBC tells us, and a graze wound to the wrist. In a story familiar to so many others, alleged perpetrators Gregory McMichael (64) and his son Travis McMichael (34) claim they were trying to conduct a citizen's arrest and hold Arbery until the police arrived. They claim that Arbery, who was unarmed and had no alcohol or drugs in his system, was a known burglar in the area. They allegedly rolled up next to him in their pickup truck, one of them standing in the bed, said "stop, stop, we want to talk to you," at which point they claim Arbery attacked them, and they were forced to act in self-defense.

Arbery's family called the attack a "modern-day lynching." His mother Wanda Cooper Jones said, "I hope that in losing Ahmaud, that people that look like Ahmaud will be able to jog and be free and not to be worried about being chased with guns and being killed." Prosecutors say that the McMichaels spat a racial epithet at Arbery's body. Meanwhile, the McMichaels' lawyer asked a judge to "ban mention of a decal on their car of the Confederate flag."

The case has been delayed four times because various attorneys recused themselves.

Disturbing details provide insight into Arbery's passing

Arbery's autopsy reveals some disturbing details that can help bring proper justice to Arbery and his family. Please proceed carefully if you're of a sensitive nature.

We know that Arbery suffered multiple gunshot wounds from a shotgun and handgun. His complete autopsy, available on Autopsy Files, confirms this. One shotgun wound was on the "lower chest, in the midline," described as "gaping," and measuring 1.9 by 1.5 inches. The other shotgun wound was on his "lateral left upper chest and left axilla [armpit]" also described as "gaping," and measuring 2.3 by 1.5 inches. The report describes shotgun pellets penetrating the "skin and subcutaneous tissue," lodging in various ribs and other bones, and "injured nerves and blood vessels" being visible. The second blast left the wound edge "scalloped." There were also materials from his clothing and the shotgun present, including "black plastic foreign fibers" and "yellow particulate material."

As for the injury to the inside of his wrist, similar damage was done. A mere shotgun "graze wound" left a 2.5-by-2.5-inch "deep, gaping" decimation of "skin and subcutaneous tissue," including muscle, arteries, and veins. The wound passes across area from the radius to ulnar (the two bones of the upper arm). There's also an entire host (items 4 through 20 in the autopsy) of abrasions all over his body, from the eyebrow to lip, elbow to fingers. The "manner of death" was decreed "homicide."