The Untold Truth Of Call Her Daddy

Launched in 2018 with the original hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, "Call Her Daddy" is one of the hottest podcasts going. It launched the careers of both Cooper and Franklyn, two young women navigating their lives in New York City. In fact, it ranked fifth among all podcasts available through Spotify in 2020, according to MarketWatch. Garnering this loyal following were Cooper and Franklyn's honest discussions of love, sex, and relationships, a combo that only served to empower women, but also appealed to men, according to The Observer

Franklyn left the show after a salary dispute, and as of June 2020, Cooper is now joined on the podcast — now available exclusively on Spotify — by a rotating case of co-hosts, including musician Miley Cyrus. One might imagine, then, that as far as a podcast known for frank openness about hook-up culture — and with two hosts prone to their share of headline-grabbing controversies — all the tea related to both would have long ago been spilled. Turns out, there are untold truths of "Call Her Daddy," and many secrets yet to be revealed.

Alexandra Cooper may have found the one

Turns out, Alexandra Cooper — who was a Division 1 soccer player at Boston University, her team taking the Patriot League title in 2014 — likes to date athletes, and naturally enough, whenever the host of a podcast about sex, relationships, and dating meets someone new, it tends to make headlines. That's exactly what happened in 2017 when Cooper met baseball star Noah Syndegaard (pictured above), and they were caught kissing court side at a New York Knicks game, according to The New York Post.

That relationship didn't last, however, but that's not the only high-profile star with whom Cooper has rumored to have hooked up with. Logan Paul, known for his infamous YouTube content, is apparently also on the list, but he's also making his name in the boxing ring, according to Suggest. These days, Cooper is supposedly dating Matt Kaplan, referred to initially on her podcast as "Mr. Sexy Zoom Man," per OtaKuKart

The two original hosts met by accident

The original hosts of "Call Her Daddy" only met by accident. Alexandra Cooper was unemployed at the time — even though she was trying to make a name for herself vlogging on YouTube — and met Sofia Franklyn when a mutual friend invited the pair on a vacation to the Lone Star State. The two hit it off immediately, speaking openly about their love lives and experiences as two single women living in the Big Apple, according to My Journal.

When Cooper was later approached about podcasting, it seemed only natural to bring her new BFF along for the ride, and the podcast took off, catching the attention of Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy, with whom the pair signed a three-year deal. Soon, money disputes came between the two podcast stars, with Franklyn accusing Cooper in an Instagram video of negotiating the contract behind her back (via Reddit).

Since the pair split up, Sofia Franklyn now hosts her own podcast "Sofia with an F," while Cooper signed a deal worth $60 million and moved her show to Spotify (per the New York Post).

Alexandra Cooper likes to start stuff

Almost as much as who she dates and her successful podcast, Alexandra Cooper is known for a couple beefs with other internet celebrities. Most notably, the boys from TikTok sensation Sway House got a little salty when Cooper was asked on the "BFFs" podcast in 2020. According to Distractify, Sway House member Blake Gray (pictured above) took exception to Cooper's comments, expressing his displeasure like a grown up — on Twitter.

It all started when Cooper ranked Gray dead last among all the Sway House boys. It escalated when Gray claimed he didn't even know Cooper, but then she shot back, saying that seemed unlikely since Gray had DM'd the podcast star several times in the past while he was in another relationship. Cooper's army of fans also came to her defense, pointing out several instances in which Gray had liked Cooper's Instagram posts. Before long, fellow Sway Houser Bryce Hall also went public with his displeasure over Cooper's comment regarding his appearance on that same episode. "Imagine the roles were switched, and we roasted her appearance lol," he wrote.

Call Her Daddy is the third most expensive podcast

"Call Her Daddy" made headlines when Alexandra Cooper inked a whopping $60 million deal with Spotify. But believe it or not, that's only the third most expensive contract ever offered for a podcast by the streaming platform, and as far as female-led podcasts, it comes in second in terms of audience, according to MarketWatch.

Ranking ahead of "Call Her Daddy" on the streaming platform is "The Ringer" at $196 million, "The Joe Rogan Experience" at $100 million, and just behind "Call Her Daddy" is the "Prince Harry Megan Markle" podcast at $25 million. Nevertheless, Spotify shelled out quite a lot to get Cooper's contract, and Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy felt it was only a matter of time before she moved on to greener pastures. "We wanted to keep her, clearly; she's a monster. She was always going to make millions, she was that big. She has [Joe] Rogan-esque numbers," he told MarketWatch. How well Cooper's audience translates to Spotify remains to be seen.

Not everyone loves the show

When you're as successful and popular as Alexandra Cooper and her podcast, it's inevitable that not everyone joins the fan club. Even though many rate "Call Her Daddy" a positive depiction of modern feminism, others aren't so sure, as writer Elana Klein explained in a post on Curious. It isn't just the sexually explicit nature of the content. "The hosts portray themselves as creators of empowering content and may truly believe that their messaging is pro-woman," Klein explained. Nevertheless, "Cooper and Franklyn's words come across as quite the opposite of liberating."

"Call Her Daddy," according to Klein, is nothing more than a prime example of a male-dominated company (Barstool Sports) trying to expand their audience to women. With Alexandra Cooper — who moved to Los Angeles from New York — worth an estimated $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, it's unlikely she concerns herself with the criticisms, focusing instead on her next episode.