Pamela Anderson Holds This Record For Playboy

British Columbia native Pamela Anderson is a sex symbol known for her sultry role as a Malibu lifeguard on "Baywatch" (via Biography). According to Hello Magazine, she was discovered at a football game when the cameraman projected her face onto the stadium's screen. The fresh-faced Anderson was wearing a Labatt beer shirt and was quickly made into the company's spokesmodel. Shortly after, she would move to Los Angeles and pose for Playboy for the first time. 

Anderson made her Playboy debut in October, 1989, wearing nothing but a schoolgirl uniform (per UPI). In February 1990, she became Playmate of the month. Ultimately, Anderson's Playboy success would garner her a role on the 1990s hit show "Home Improvement." However, it would be her role as CJ on "Baywatch" that would make her an international star (via Pamela Anderson Foundation). All the while, Anderson continued to pose for Playboy throughout the '90s and has stated that the Playboy Mansion was her "university."

Pamela Anderson has graced the covers of Playboy more than anyone else

Even as Pam Anderson endured a media frenzy from her scandalous marriage to rocker Tommy Lee, nothing could top her notoriety from Baywatch or her Playboy covers (via Biography). Hugh Hefner later stated that she was "the DNA of Playboy" (per Pamela Anderson Foundation). As a result UPI writes that he put Anderson on the cover a total of 14 times between 1989 and 2016. US Weekly reports that in January 2011, at the age of 43, she landed her 13th Playboy cover. This broke records as it's more than any other model in Playboy's history. 

In 2016, Anderson would once again make Playboy history when she posed for the magazine's final nude issue. According to ABC News, she got a call stating that Playboy didn't want "anybody else" but her. Anderson was concerned about what her teenage sons with Lee, Brandon and Dylan, would think. However, they both gave their blessing and she would grace the cover for the 14th and final time. Although Anderson has been on only 14 U.S. covers, she has been on Playboy's international covers more than 100 times.